UPSC  Biology

1. Stem is modified into cladode

Casuarina Asparagus Opuntia Euphorbia

2. Verticillaster type of inflorescence is found in

Cotton Datura Lilium Ocimum

3. A simple one seeded fruit in which pericarp is fused with seed coat is

Achene Caryopsis Cypsela Nut

4. The portion of DNA which contains information for an entire polypeptide is called

Cistron Muton Recon Operon

5. bicarpellary, syncarpous ovary with axile placentation is seen in

Solanaceae Caesalpinaceae Asteraceae Malvaceae

6. Alburnum is also called

Autumn wood Heart wood Sap wood Spring wood

7. The entry of pollen tube into the ovule through micropyle is called

Porogamy Mesogamy Anisogamy Chalazogamy

8. Type of pollination in Commelina is

Chasmogamy Geitonogamy Xenogamy Cleistogamy

9. The process of embryo formation without fertilization is known as

Apospory Apogamy Parthenocarpy Polyembryony

10. Which of the process Cholodny-Went theory is concerned with

Photomorphogenesis Photoperiodism Phototropism Photorespiration


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