UPSC  Biology

11. The hormone present in the liquid endosperm of coconut is

Cytokinin Gibberellin Ethylene Auxin

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12. The phytohormone which influences apical dominance growth is


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13. An example of short day plant is

Wheat Maize Chrysanthemum Radish

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14. The ovary after fertilization is converted into

Embryo Endosperm Fruit Seed

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15. The molecular formula of chlorophyll is

C55H72O5N4Mg C55H70O5N4Mg C55H72O6N4Mg C50H72O5N4Mg

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16. The first compound that accepts CO2 during dark phase is

NADP Ferrodoxin RUBP Cytochrome

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17. Initiation codon for methionine is


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18. The deficiency of this micronutrient results in little leaf disease

Copper Zinc Boron Iron

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19. Kranz anatomy is a morphological diversity in the leaves of

C3-plants C4-plants C3 and C4-plants CAM plants

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20. Prechilling treatment to break seed dormancy is

Scarification Stratification Impaction Vernalization

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