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21. The pyruvic acid formed during glycolysis is oxidized to CO2 and H2O in a cycle called

Calvin cycle Nitrogen cycle Hill reaction Krebs cycle

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22. respiratory quotient (RQ) is one in case of

Fatty acids Nucleic acids Carbohydrates Organic acids

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23. An example of free living nitrogen fixing aerobic bacteria is

Clostridium Rhizobium Azotobacter Rhodospirillum

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24. Identify the plant belonging to the Reed-Swamp stage in hydrarch succession

Juncus Sagittaria Salix Trapa

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25. A gas produced by paddy fields and connected with global warming is

CO2 Chlorine H2S Methane

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26. If the strong partner is benefited and the weak partner is damaged, it is known as

Predation Allelopathy Symbiosis Commensalism

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27. acid rain is mainly caused due to increase in the levels of the gas(es)

SO2 only CO2 only SO2, CO2 NO2 and SO2

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28. The flow of energy among various trophic levels of an ecosystem is

Unidirectional Bidirectional Multidirectional Circular

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29. Increase in atmospheric temperature due to CO2 is called

Pasteur effect Green-house effect Blackman effect Emerson effect

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30. The protective-ozone layer is present in

Ionosphere Stratosphere Troposphere Lithosphere

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