UPSC  Biology

1. decomposition of organic matter is brought about by

Protozoa Plants Micro-organisms None of these

2. The smallest taxon is called

Class Order Genus Species

3. Which one of the following is the first National Park in India

Kanha National Park Periyar National Park Corbett National Park Bandipur National Park

4. Which one of the following is having ssRNA

TMV T2-bacteriophage Polio Virus CMV

5. In Whittaker's system of classification, prokaryotes are placed in the kingdom

Protista Monera Plantae Animalia

6. virus consists of

Nucleic acid and protein Nucleic acid Orotein None of these

7. This substance is present in the cell walls of Gram Positive bacteria only

Peptidoglycan Lipopolysaccharides Teichoic acids None of these

8. Highest degree of polymorphism is found in

Protozoa Cnidaria Platyhelminthes Arthropoda

9. Sea mouse belongs to phylum

Mollusca Cnidaria Arthropoda Annelida

10. One of the following animal belongs to Cyclostomata

Channa Loris Dodo Petromyzon


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