UPSC  Biology

41. An egg laying mammal is

Delphinus Macaca Ornithorhynchus Macropus

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42. In sharks, one of the following is absent

Claspers Placoid scales Cartilaginous endoskeleton Air bladder

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43. The devil fish and sea hare are

Molluscs Crustaceans Coelenterates Marine fish and mammal

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44. endothelium of blood vessels is made up of

Simple cuboidal epithelium Simple squamous epithelium Simple columnar epithelium Simple non-ciliated columnar

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45. In humans, sphincter of Oddi is associated with the opening of

Common hepatopancreatic duct Pyloric stomach Oesophagus Colon

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46. In human beings, the duration of cardiac cycle is

0.08 second 0.5 second 0.8 second 8.0 second

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47. In which part of nephron, reabsorption is minimum from filtrate

Henle's loop Proximal convoluted tubule Distal convoluted tubule Collecting duct

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48. Which hormone level reaches peak during luteal phase of menstrual cycle

Luteinizing hormone Progesterone Follicle stimulating hormone Estrogen

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49. The largest subunit of prokaryotic ribosomes is

30S 40S 50S 60S

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50. Which of the following is a part of endomembrane system of eukaryotic cell

Peroxisomes Chloroplasts Mitochondria Golgi complexes

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