UPSC  Biology

61. The golden age of reptiles is

Cenozoic era Palaeozoic era Mesozoic era Silurian period

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62. The theory of use and disuse of organ was proposed by

Darwin Lamarck De Vries Hooker

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63. One of the following theories were proposed by Weissman

Law of inheritance Theory of inheritance of acquired characters Theory of natural selection Theory of germplasm

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64. Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny-this theory is called

Biogenetic law Law of embryology Law of acquired characters Law of Bridges

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65. The brain capacity of Homoerectus is

800 cc 900 cc 1200 cc 1400 cc

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66. An example of Innate immunity is

PMNL-neutrophils T-lymphocytes B-lymphocytes TH cells

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67. Cocaine is extracted from

Erythroxylum coca Cannabis sativa Papaver somniferum Atropa belladonna

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68. The enzyme that cuts DNA is

DNA-polymerase DNA-ligase DNA-lyase Restriction endonuclease

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69. In the association between two organisms, if one organism is benefited and the other is not benefited, this relationship is known as

Symbiotism Mutualism Commensalism Parasitism

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70. Opiate narcotics drugs are

Antianxiety Analgesic Hypnotic Antihistamine

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