UPSC  Biology

1. The golden age of reptiles is

Cenozoic era Palaeozoic era Mesozoic era Silurian period

2. The theory of use and disuse of organ was proposed by

Darwin Lamarck De Vries Hooker

3. One of the following theories were proposed by Weissman

Law of inheritance Theory of inheritance of acquired characters Theory of natural selection Theory of germplasm

4. Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny-this theory is called

Biogenetic law Law of embryology Law of acquired characters Law of Bridges

5. The brain capacity of Homoerectus is

800 cc 900 cc 1200 cc 1400 cc

6. An example of Innate immunity is

PMNL-neutrophils T-lymphocytes B-lymphocytes TH cells

7. Cocaine is extracted from

Erythroxylum coca Cannabis sativa Papaver somniferum Atropa belladonna

8. The enzyme that cuts DNA is

DNA-polymerase DNA-ligase DNA-lyase Restriction endonuclease

9. In the association between two organisms, if one organism is benefited and the other is not benefited, this relationship is known as

Symbiotism Mutualism Commensalism Parasitism

10. Opiate narcotics drugs are

Antianxiety Analgesic Hypnotic Antihistamine


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