UPSC  Chemistry

1. The couple between base units of DNA is through

Hydrogen bonding Electrostatic bonding Covalent bonding vander Waal’s forces

2. Sublimation is a process in which a solid

Changes into another allotropic form Changes into liquid form Changes into vapour form None of the above

3. methanol and acetone can be separated by

Fractional distillation Distillation Steam distillation Vacuum distillation

4. aniline is separated from a mixture by

Fractional crystallization Fractional distillation Vacuum distillation Steam distillation

5. glycerol is purified by

Steam distillation Vacuum distillation Fractional distillation Simple distillation

6. Two immiscible liquids are separated by

Separating funnel Fractional distillation Chromatography Sublimation

7. Latest technique for purification, isolation and separation of organic compounds is-

Chromatography Steam distillation Crystallisation Vacuum distillation

8. Oils are purified by

Fractional distillation Steam distillation Vacuum distillation Simple distillation

9. Chromatography technique is used for the separation of

Small sample of mixture Plant pigments Dye stuffs All

10. A mixture of naphthalene and benzoic acid can be separated by

Chromatography Sublimation Fractional crystallization Distillation


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