UPSC  Chemistry

1. The couple between base units of DNA is through

Hydrogen bonding Electrostatic bonding Covalent bonding vander Waal’s forces

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2. Sublimation is a process in which a solid

Changes into another allotropic form Changes into liquid form Changes into vapour form None of the above

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3. methanol and acetone can be separated by

Fractional distillation Distillation Steam distillation Vacuum distillation

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4. aniline is separated from a mixture by

Fractional crystallization Fractional distillation Vacuum distillation Steam distillation

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5. glycerol is purified by

Steam distillation Vacuum distillation Fractional distillation Simple distillation

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6. Two immiscible liquids are separated by

Separating funnel Fractional distillation Chromatography Sublimation

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7. Latest technique for purification, isolation and separation of organic compounds is-

Chromatography Steam distillation Crystallisation Vacuum distillation

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8. Oils are purified by

Fractional distillation Steam distillation Vacuum distillation Simple distillation

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9. Chromatography technique is used for the separation of

Small sample of mixture Plant pigments Dye stuffs All

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10. A mixture of naphthalene and benzoic acid can be separated by

Chromatography Sublimation Fractional crystallization Distillation

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