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81. Consider the following statements about the Western and Eastern Ghats.
1. Western Ghats are comparatively higher in elevation than Eastern ghats.
2. Western Ghats are more continuous than the Eastern Ghats as the latter is eroded by several east flowing rivers.
3. The Eastern and the Western Ghats meet each other at the Nilgiri hills.
Choose the correct answer using the codes below.

1 and 2 only 2 and 3 only 1 and 3 only All of the above

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82. Consider the following statements with regard to Western coastal plain
1. The western coastal plains provides natural conditions for the development of ports and harbours
2. The rivers flowing through western coastal plains do not form any deltas
Choose the correct answer using the codes below.

1 only 2 only Both 1 and 2 None of the above

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83. Consider the following rivers
1. krishna
2. kaveri
3. godavari
4. Penganga
The correct sequence of these rivers when arranged from south to north is

2, 1,3 and 4 1,2,3 and 4 1, 3, 4 and 2 3, 2, 1 and 4

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84. Assertion (A): The frequency of floods in North Indian plains has increased in recent times.
Reason (R): There has been reduction in the depth of river valleys due to deposition of silt.

Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A Both A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation of A A is true but R is false A is false but R is true

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85. The second statement is true as deposition reduces the depth and in rainy season the river outflows leading to flood.
Given are the Indian rivers and corresponding National Parks
1. Lohit Orang National Park
2. Chambal Rajaji National Park
3. Narmada Kanha National Park
Select the correct match

Only 2 1 and 3 Only 3 1, 2 and 3

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86. Which of the following rivers does not pass through Tropic of Cancer?

Sabarmati Mahi Damodar Luni

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87. Amongst the following the river that passes through most number of countries?

Zambezi River Severn Danube Missisippi

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88. Consider the following statements
1. The West flowing rivers contains very less amounts of Silt and due to its fast speed it cannot make delta.
2. rivers arriving into a sea with high tidal range will not form delta because the changes in the tidal area will wash away the sediments brought by the river.
3. Western rivers flows in the fault region created by the mountains Vindhya and Satpura which are rocky and devoid of any alluvial material. Hence no Delta formation
Select the correct statement/s

Only 1 1 and 2 1, 2 and 3 Only 2

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89. Imagine you are travelling from New Delhi towards North. If you go vertically upwards towards Jammu and Kashmir,
select the correct sequence in which you will cross these rivers

Ravi-Beas-Ravi-Satluj-Jhelum Satluj-Beas-Ravi-Chenab-Indus Satluj-Beas-Ravi-Chenab-Jhelum Ravi-Beas-Ravi-Satluj-Indus

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90. Suppose you are travelling along the Eastern Ghat on Eastern Coast of India from Northern to Southern region, the sequence in which you will cross these rivers

Krishna-Godavari-Mahanadi-Kaveri Mahanadi-Krishna -Godavari-Kaveri Krishna-Godavari-Mahanadi-Kaveri Mahanadi-Godavari-Krishna-Kaveri

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