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91. Who amongst the following can be removed without Parliaments resolution?

Governor of a state Any judge of the Supreme Court Any judge of a High Court Chief Election Commissioner

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92. Which of the following conditions is necessary to make party system successful?

Political parties should be organised on caste basis Political parties should give more importance to the local problems than national issues Political parties should try to solve the economic and political problems Political parties should not allow the people to take active interest in the politics

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93. Which of the following are wrongly listed as freedom provided to Indian citizen under Article 19.?

Freedom of speech and expression Freedom of residence and Freedom of profession Freedom of press

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94. Which of the following rights did B. R. Ambedkar describe as the heart and soul of the Indian constitution?

Right of freedom of religion Right of property Right of equality Right to constitutional remedies

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95. The Preventive Detention Act has a restraining effect on?

Right of equality Right of freedom Right to religion Right to constitutional remedies

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96. Which articles in Part III of the constitution emphasizes its secular character?

Art 8 to 11 25 to 28 45 to 48A 14 to 19

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97. Which of the following articles prohibits censorship?

Art 19 Art 22 Art 32 None

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98. Under which art can an individual move the Supreme court directly in case of any violation of a Fundamental right?

Art 13 Art 14 Art 12 Art 34

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99. Freedom of speech under the Indian constitution is subject to reasonable restriction on the grounds of protection of?

Sovereignty and integrity of the country Dignity of the office of the Prime Minister A and b None

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100. Civil and political equality gives citizens?

Right to vote and right to be elected without any distinction of caste,religion, sex, property, etc Right to vote and right to be elected without any distinction of age,caste, creed or sex Equal opportunity for taking part in election The right to occupy highest office in the state irrespective of qualification

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